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Mike Pilla e lo staff di  Patrimonio Italiano 

Vincenzo De Sio

Film director, producer and winner of over 50 international awards amongst which are Filmesque and Beatrice 

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Success Coach & Wellness Mentor for pre-professional dancers

Claudia Calì

Professor of music education at Queens College and NYU. A clip of her teaching and research work for La Scuola per la Salute can be watched here.


Movie director and documentarist, advocate and educator, founder of  Black Italia


Allora is a Bilingual (Italian-English) Center for children and adults, a place where you can:

Learn a new language and explore a beautiful culture through art, music, movement, reading, being creative ad having fun.

Sara Fedi is a speech therapist from Italy. She has completed a Master's in Education and one in Mathematics Education FOr the early years and primary schools. The focus of her research is on Transdisciplinarity in Education


Costanza Musumeci founder of  Ladybug studio NYC,  a line of beautiful art prints for kids, many with Italian words. 



Arianna Ballabio, Indian dancer also teaches Indian traditional dance Bharatanatyam.

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