Bilingualism   in  New York City

InItaliano is a grass-roots initiative set up by three Italian international families, with the objective of supporting Italian language and cultural programs in the public schools of New York City. InItaliano promotes Italian language, bilingualism and multiculturalism in public educational settings, being it Dual Language programs, enrichment programs and content-based language integrated learning (i.e. learning Italian through music, reading, cooking or gardening).

As a not-for-profit organization, InItaliano has organised children's parties, networking, fundraising events for public school parents from all districts and cultures, seminars, fairs and talks in person as well as remotely.  

Since the first Covid19 lockdown, we have always been "open to business", and continued to support NYC public schools and their multicultural families.  Read our opinion on La Voce di New York.

InItaliano will continue to advise, represent and support the many international and multi-cultural families at the local CEC and CCELL (Community Education and Citywide Council) level.

Video Credit: Fred Kudjo Kuwornu

Clicca Press Clipping e leggi la rassegna stampa dei primi 3 anni di attività. 

Click on Press Clipping to read about our work to promote Italian bilingualism and multiculturalism at school. 

Gli esordi: primavera 2014 al Consolato Generale d'Italia a New York - The very first Italian initiative of 2014.

Following the initiative at the Consulate General of Italy, Mr D'Orazio writes a letter to La Voce di New York (in Italian).