New York City

InItaliano is a grass-roots initiative set up by three Italian international families, with the objective of supporting Italian language and cultural programs in the public schools of New York City. InItaliano promotes Italian language, bilingualism and multiculturalism in public educational settings, being it Dual Language programs, enrichment programs and content-based language integrated learning (i.e. learning Italian through music, reading, cooking or gardening).

InItaliano has facilitated school enrolment for newly arrived families and provided tips and resources to those living in the five Boroughs of New York City, who are interested in being exposed to a foreign language or keeping their native language at home. InItaliano is now a not-for-profit organization which has organised children's parties, networking and fundraising events for public school parents from all districts and cultures.

InItaliano has been involved in the organization of seminars, fairs and talks in person as well as remotely. Since the first Covid19 lockdown, we have always been "open to business", and continued to support NYC public schools and their multicultural families. Read our opinion on La Voce di New York.

InItaliano will continue to advise, represent and support the many international and multi-cultural families at a local CEC and CCELL (Community Education and Citywide Council) level.

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Click on the link on the right to read about the work carried out to promote Italian bilingualism and multiculturalism at school.

La crisi sanitaria e sociale creatasi in seguito alla pandemia ha portato alla chiusura scolastica e a forti tagli nel campo dell'istruzione pubblica. Durante la pandemia in partnership con alcune scuole e professionisti italiani, abbiamo creato un canale di risorse su YouTube. È importante - ora più che mai - continuare a sostenere le scuole pubbliche, i programmi bilingue e quelli multiculturali, tramite l'attivismo e la partecipazione ad importanti iniziative. Per informazioni sulle scuole, vi consigliamo di controllare questo sito o di contattarci via email o social media.

During the lockdown of 2020, InItaliano has published a range of resources and video reads in both languages. We are grateful for the support received from a group of teachers from Italy and we are grateful for the major effort made by NY-based Italian teachers who have been able to offer some continuity to multilingual learners during the school year 2020-21, a year which was marked by closures and re-openings. Read and share our latest on La Voce di New York and check our YouTube channel link.

Several books have been published about family life during the pandemic. US artist Deana Sobel Lederman's reassuring reads offer a terrific opportunity to talk about Covid 19 with your children. All three books have been translated into many different languages and published by Calec. They can be purchased here.

Check here to check the downloadable work of illustrator Axel Scheffler (Gruffalo, Pip and Posy) produced with a group of doctors and educators: Coronavirus - A book for children. The book has been translated into many different languages.